This story may have a funny ending (dependening upon your sense of humor) or an absolute disaster of me losing one or more linkedIn contacts but hey — here it is….

Some of you know my transitioning to Digitial Trust and also a lot of work we are putting for ADI Association in bringing together a lot of security focussed folks for Human Digital Identities. It is all very interesting but tech stuff later, this is just a conversational discussion which I thought I could share.

Please note that there are hyper-hyper-hyper sensitivities attached with this conversation and its almost…

I was conceptualizing common threats, threat vectors and assets in an enterprise a potential hacker is after. This was part of a much larger deck I had intended to present but I have no recollection of where the presentation is — not my local drive, not my mailbox, not on shared drivers.

This is the only image I have and sometimes best left for others to take the concept forward. So here it is — use it as you please. Please retain my name — some day when I am famous, you may want to claim that you know me :)

Imagine this — Last several years, your bank has been trying to integrate all bank accounts and link them with a common identifier — The CIN (wow — Customer Identification Number). Customers can now login with their CIN and view all their accounts in one fancy web and mobile interface.

Several man hours have been spent in planning and designing the solution. Some of you may have also taken steps towards implementing it. Your presentation to the Executive team is going well until someone asks the question, “What about GDPR?”

Ok, what about GDPR? what are you referring to?


Yet another daily standup with each team member providing a status of what they did today and I responding with a standard question, “are there any impediments”, and we move on. In the middle of everything, my mind wandered to Neil Gaiman and what he said about comics as one of the most difficult books to write.

As a child, I remember eagerly waiting for the newspaper and frantically flipping over to the last page. It had a strip of 3 or 4 panels of my favorite character — The Phantom! I had to wait a few days before I…

Kiran Addepalli

Executive Leader * Data and Identity Champion * Innovation and Product Builder * Blockchain Enthusiatic

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